International Alliance of Mediators and Arbitrators

Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Asia, Middle East including the UAE


A Specialised Arbitration and Mediation Company

Based in Australia and Singapore with a wide reach

Experts in International Commercial Arbitration and Mediation, based and operating in Australia and in Singapore. The company also operates in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and the Middle East including the UAE.

International Alliance of Mediators and Arbitrators Pte Limited (IAMA) is a well-regarded and experienced arbitration company incorporated in Singapore for the purpose of providing a full range of consultancy, arbitration and mediation services in the area of alternate dispute resolution.


The objective of IAMA is to provide a full range of consultancy and dispute resolution services, including dispute management, directed to commercial and international commercial arbitration and mediation, comprehensively, economically and with integrity, fairness, expedition and confidentiality.

The further objective of IAMA is to provide for comprehensive and sophisticated education services in the various methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution emphasising the international and cultural aspects of disputes and disputants. A high level of confidence in IAMA education services and accredited participants can therefore be assured.


The strategy of IAMA is for our consultants to advise businesses and the professions on the implementation of effective dispute management systems and dispute resolution plans and services to address internal, external national and international dispute resolution.

The further strategy of IAMA is to ensure that nominations of dispute resolvers by IAMA will be of professional, experienced and qualified practitioners of the highest quality without cost to the parties. A nominated dispute resolver will be required to ensure, to the fullest lawful and practical extent, that dispute resolution services are to be carried out quickly, economically and fairly. The costs and fees of a nominated dispute resolver will be determined between the parties and the dispute resolver. IAMA will not charge any fee for the nomination of a dispute resolver or otherwise.

The further strategy of IAMA is to implement comprehensive and sophisticated education in commercial arbitration, mediation and the various methods of alternate dispute resolution, emphasising international and cultural aspects of disputes and disputants, allowing the community to place a high level of confidence in IAMA education services and those persons who undertake them.

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