International Arbitrators and Mediators for Effective Dispute Resolution

International Arbitration & Commercial Mediation Specialists

International Alliance of Mediators and Arbitrators Pte Limited (IAMA) recognizes that stress and tension are often consequences of disputation. The business of business is not disputation. We are here to manage disputation, assist in avoiding it and handling it.

We make arbitration and mediation and other forms of alternate dispute resolution easier and we never lose sight of the importance of ongoing relationships whether commercial or personal.

We assist in avoiding disputes in the first place by devising and implementing and managing the possibility of disputes and dispute resolution systems. IAMA manages disputes.

Internally, tensions within Boards, Management and Staff affect the performance of an organization. They can be foreseen, addressed and resolved with properly designed systems and methods for which IAMA has noted expertise. Externally, satisfied clients and customers are the lifeblood of any organization. We aim to ensure that disputes are resolved so that ongoing professional and commercial relationships are maintained as much as possible.

We endeavor to keep costs and expenses low and reasonable. We do not charge parties administration fees unless secretarial services are requested and provided. We require nominated dispute resolvers and international mediators to observe to the fullest lawful and practical extent that dispute resolution services are to be carried out quickly, economically and fairly.

We concentrate on the quick and fair determination of disputes.
We are experts in analyzing positions to get to the real issues and interests of parties in dispute.

Confidentiality is important to the company as it usually is to disputing parties. We observe confidentiality to the maximum extent that the law allows.

The company is very much aware that international and cultural considerations are important in the resolution of disputes. Our international arbitrators and mediators are experienced and they recognize and observe cultural nuances during the process of dispute resolution.

Of particular importance to IAMA is the enforceability of settlement awards and agreements resolving national and international disputes.

You can have confidence in choosing IAMA, the company with expert arbitrators and mediators to facilitate the resolution of your dispute. The success of the company’s business relies on client satisfaction.

Contact us for comprehensive arbitration and mediation dispute resolution whether national or international.