We provide “in house” training and education in Alternate Dispute Resolution. Anticipating, accommodating, managing and resolving disputes satisfactorily are crucial elements for the efficient and effective functioning of any profession or business.

Let us educate you and your organisation to get through the tough situations.

IAMA also provides training and coaching in the various methods of Alternate Dispute Resolution to provide you with the best possible opportunity to be accredited with the institution of your choice. The service we offer is supplementary. We do not replace, or substitute for, accreditation courses. We know there is always room for further improvement.

We plan the course to suit your needs, requirements and cost structure.

Dennis Wilson has and continues to lecture in mediation and international commercial arbitration. He is competent and communicative and the learning experience is pleasant. You will achieve a firm understanding of these processes and disciplines allowing you to advance to the next step in your qualification and career path. Dennis has lectured and has given seminars at Sydney University, University of Technology and Notre Dame University Sydney. He has given seminars on mediation and arbitration in Mongolia and Sydney and is currently preparing curricula for the teaching of mediation and arbitration in 2 countries.

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An Information Pack contains important information relevant to being mediation or arbitration ready, including check-list, request for appointment, nomination letter, draft agreements and frequently asked questions.

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